Quarterly Newsletter, Q4 2016

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Welcome to the 4th Newsletter of 2016. You can view the Newsletter online, on this page via the slideshow above (use the arrows and pause/play button to skip or stop the slideshow).

You can also read and download the newsletter as a PDF by clicking here– that’s the most convenient for printing, viewing in full-screen, etc.

This time, we’re just gearing down from the United States presidential elections as we ramp up for the French and Italian vote. We talk about broad basket commodity returns (as gauged by our favorite index of commodities made for the ETF market) and the 2016 rally in aluminum spot price.

We’ve introduced a new feature in this newsletter that will introduce readers to why the indicators we have on our indicator-wire are important to us. This time, we talk about the spot price of copper (aka “Doctor Copper on Wall St.). Let us know what you’d like to see next time!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter- stay tuned for our Q1 2017 letter on the next side of New Years. We hope to look at the Euro, Corporate Bonds in Europe, and more.

As always, we appreciate any feedback from our readers- don’t hesitate to contact us!

Also, please sign up for future Newsletters and updates.

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