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For employees in the public sector and certain non-profit institutions, we offer asset management services on certain employer provided plans. Currently, some plans that use Fidelity or Vanguard as Custodian or provider of plan assets may be able to be managed directly by Victor Schramm LLC. If you have a different plan provider and are considering working with Victor Schramm LLC, we can contact the plan sponsor and provider to see if we can offer this service to you.

We take great effort to ensure we do not incidentally have Custody of client funds, and this is one of the reasons we do not make blanket statements about our ability to service your account directly with an Assets Under Management approach without specific knowledge of your situation. We will make every reasonable effort to offer the level of service you require.

In other circumstances, we are also able to offer consultation on asset allocation and account growth projections on a flat-fee, hourly rate basis. Even if we have the ability to manage your account directly, it may be in the best interest of the client to work with us on an hourly-rate basis. We use a collaborative approach in determining with the individual client what level of service is best for their situation during a free introductory meeting. Please see our page on our Fee Only model for more information about our fee schedule and account servicing options.

Victor Schramm LLC is not a legal, accounting, benefits planning, or estate planning firm. We do not have the ability to create a benefits package or plan for your company. We do not sell any insurance or retirement products or receive any commissions on sales of products. The retirement planning services we offer are restricted to consulting with participants (including Small Business Owners, Managing Partners, etc.) in established plans at the account management or investment advising level. Individuals seeking assistance in establishing a workplace pension, benefits, or retirement plan should contact a qualified professional in the relevant legal and accounting fields.