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Victor Schramm LLC was founded in 2013 by Victor Schramm, CFS®, managing partner and Portfolio Manager.

Victor Schramm received his B.A. in Russian & East European History from the University of Oregon in 2007. Since his University studies, he has worked in the art supplies retail, sales, and candy manufacturing industries. In 2012 he relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Portland, OR and immediately set to work determining how to offer sensible investment strategies to individuals of all walks of life in his home State of Oregon.

Victor Schramm is a self-described “investing nerd” who spends much of his free time reading authors from all corners of the economic and finance world such as Ludwig von Mises, Benjamin Graham, Martin Wittman, and Bill Gross.

In his spare time, Victor Schramm enjoys writing poetry and art criticism pieces as well as painting and printmaking.

Our mission as a firm is to offer investment advice based on reasonable expectations to investors from all walks of life. If we can help broaden the world of “investors” to include people who have never given themselves that label, we would feel very satisfied about that.