We manage assets in investment accounts for clients who desire a higher degree of account management.

We do not take custody of client funds: all accounts are kept in the client’s name with a Custodian. We currently work with Vanguard Brokerage Services as our Custodian.

The parameters of account management by Victor Schramm LLC are developed during an extensive fact finding process. Fact finding includes determining clients’ attitudes toward investment risk, identifying financial goals, and establishing a time horizon for investment programs. We use these guidelines as the basis of any trading and investment activity. For more information about what guides our decision making, visit our Philosophy page.

Please see our page on the Fee Only model we use for information on fee-schedules for investment advice.

Finally, all investments in securities carry significant risk of loss of investment that the client should be ready to bear. We disclose more explicit information about the risks of specific investments while developing an investment policy for each client.