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Victor Schramm, Portfolio Manager of Victor Schramm LLC, received his CFS® designation in 2013.

CFS® stands for Certified Fund Specialist. It is granted and administered by the Institute of Business & Finance (IBF). Victor Schramm LLC adheres to the Code of Ethics required by the CFS®, which includes always placing the client’s best interest first. For more on our business model, please see our page on our Fee Only model.

The purpose of the CFS® is to educate advisors on Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s), Closed End Funds (CEF’s), and other pooled investment vehicles. These investment vehicles have grown in popularity over the past decades, and understanding how different funds operate and are be properly analyzed for risk characteristics and positioning in a portfolio is important for today’s investor and investment professionals.

The CFS® coursework also covers Modern Portfolio Theory, Behavioral Finance, and the implications of passive portfolio management versus active management.

Victor Schramm LLC does not restrict investment advice to Mutual Funds, ETF’s, etc.- we make extensive use of fundamental financial data in selecting individual securities such as stocks and bonds where suitable to client’s needs. We do find that many investment funds offer attractive investment opportunities. In today’s investment climate, where many investors have much of their investable assets in retirement accounts that offer access to Mutual Funds exclusively, knowledge of fund analysis is a crucial tool in the operations of Victor Schramm LLC.

Please see our page on our Philosophy for more information about our approach to investment advising.