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The Fee Only investment advising and financial planning model acknowledges that how advisors are compensated for their service has a direct impact on the management of conflicts of interest between client and advisor. We are compensated by advising fees only on a transparent fee schedule and do not receive commissions for any advice given. We do not receive a higher fee for one product or strategy over another, and that allows us to manage investments strictly according to the clients intentions and best interests.

Depending on individual needs and circumstances, we determine with each individual client the specific services they require. We manage investment assets on an ongoing basis for an Assets Under Management fee of 1% where clients require a high level of investment management.

For clients who prefer to manage and execute their own investment programs, but need guidance on where and how to start, we offer asset allocation and investment advice on a flat-fee, hourly-rate basis. All hourly rate financial planning and investment advising services are billed at $250/hour.

We are very mindful of the budgetary constraints of clients seeking financial planning, and do not require the purchase of a “package deal”- all financial planning services can be contracted on an a la carte basis as needed.