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We offer financial planning services that meet the individual needs of clients. As well as our asset management and investment advising services, we offer services such as capital needs assessment for insurance planning, real estate cash flow projection, 401(k) growth analysis, cash-flow projection, retirement income projections that are cash-flow based, and planning for college and education funding.

All financial planning services can be contracted as needed- there is no pressure to bundle more services than you need, and there is no minimum amount of billable hours required. We conduct a free introductory meeting to determine what services make sense for your situation. Please read our page about our Fee Only model for more information on our transparent fee schedule.

We use a wide range of financial planning tools. For retirees and near-retirees, we focus on building and managing tax-advantaged pools of retirement income and long-term growth. For younger workers and small business owners, we focus on maximizing tax-deferral and risk-tolerance optimized growth.

Apart from managing and planning with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), SEP-IRA’s, 401(k)’s, and 403(b)’s, we also use Investment Only Variable Annuities (IOVA) for clients who can benefit from long term tax deferral on large sums of capital. We utilize 1035 exchange transfers with clients with existing Variable Annuities who can benefit from a flat-fee alternative to the higher fee and commission model of Variable Annuities.

To learn more about our unique approach to Variable Annuities, take a look at our IOVA page and Annuity Rescue page. For information on how we construct and manage portfolios for such vehicles, take a look at Our Philosophy page.

We take particular interest in assisting clients in selecting investment options that meet their needs as socially responsible investors (SRI). You can learn more about our approach to SRI at our page on the topic, or read more in depth on our philosophy on “where values meet value.”