About Us

Are you a stock broker?

No, we are a financial planning and Registered Investment Advisor firm. We do not sell stocks, bonds, annuities, etc.- we only sell financial advice.

Do you sell insurance?

Victor Schramm, LLC does not sell insurance. We may recommend insurance products when necessary in the financial planning process, but you would would with an agent not related to our firm to service those needs. We do manage a specific variety of Variable Annuity, but we do not sell them and collect no commissions for sales when we do manage annuities.

What broker do you go through/custody assets with?

Since we are an independent firm, we can work with any number of brokerages and financial institutions. We prefer to work with Vanguard, as they offer most of our clients excellent service, access to funds and ETF’s we commonly use, and very low cost to our clients. We work with Jefferson National to service Variable Annuities. That said, if you have an institution of preference, we can explore working with them.


Our Services

Can you manage my 401(k)/SIMPLE IRA/ROTH IRA/SEP-IRA/etc.?

We work with all varieties of accounts. Even when we cannot service an account directly, we can always work with you on an hourly-rate financial planning basis when necessary. We do not ask you to roll over your workplace retirement into an account with us.

Do you work with clients not in the Oregon area?

We in the past and will continue to work with nationwide clients- please see this infographic or visit our page about this topic for more information.

I work in the public/non-profit sector- do you have any services geared toward my industry?

We do work with non-profit and public sector employees. Additional to the broader financial planning tools and services we have, we offer a 403(b) planning package that is tailored to employees with access to that type of account.

I’m an owner or professional in the regulated cannabis industry- can you work with me?

Please set a meeting to discuss our current capabilities in working with this new industry further.