Victor Schramm LLC believes that there is no “one size fits all” approach to investment advising.

As a CFS® (Certified Fund Specialist), Victor Schramm has extensive knowledge of pooled investment vehicles such as Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s), as well as passive portfolio management strategies recommended by Modern Portfolio Theory.

We also recognize the value of individual security selection (strategies involving individual stocks, bonds, etc.) in meeting investment goals of individuals. When analyzing individual securities, we access third party research and analysis resources such as Morningstar as well as the financial statements of publicly traded companies such as the balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and income statements. We employ a bottom-up, fundamental analysis approach to establish reasonable expectations of the financial stability of individual securities. We have a strong preference for Value style investing, where the growth of an investment opportunity can be purchased at a reasonable price.

The decision of what strategies to employ in the construction of a client portfolio is a highly collaborative process that places a great deal of importance on the attitudes and preferences of the individual client. We take client wishes in regards to the social responsibility of investments seriously where those concerns exist.

Though we place the highest importance on the fundamental financial situation of firms when investing in securities, we also monitor broader US and global economic business conditions. We use economic data to inform our expectations about cyclical investment conditions. Especially when making fixed income sector investments for our clients, we look at data from the publicly available Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED), as well as sources like the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), to guide our expectations and apply those to the client’s attitudes toward risk and their time horizon before making allocations to specific investments.

In short, we cater to investors of all attitudes and walks of life. Whether your primary goal is to preserve your capital, or you’d like guidance in taking more risk in hopes of capital appreciation, we use your preferences as the guidelines of investment management. As a Fee Only service, Victor Schramm LLC does not benefit more from one style of investment over another. We believe strongly in the mutual benefit of the Fee Only advising model. Please see our page about our Fee Only model for more information.