As a Financial Planning firm, one of our most crucial and requested services is the creation of a Retirement Readiness Assessment. We use it as the core of our roadmap to retirement, forming the basis for decision making about what steps need to be taken to reach retirement goals.

To begin with, we do a comprehensive Fact Finding with new and prospective clients to gather all of the details of a household’s financial life: from income and expenses to risk tolerance and investing history. These meetings are complimentary. In-person meetings with the advisor usually take 60-90 minutes. Alternatively, clients who prefer to work remotely can complete a questionnaire online.

We then create projection of income from all sources into the future. This includes everything from employment income and social security to investment and insurance returns, adjusted for compounding interest and tax impacts of using different investment vehicles.

All financial planning services- especially Retirement Readiness Assessments- are complimentary for clients who choose to have us manage their investment portfolios (the Assets Under Management or “AUM” model). We also work on an hourly rate basis for clients who prefer hourly rate financial planning.

Please see our Fee & Pricing page for our schedule of fees. As a Fee Only financial planning firm, we are compensated by these fees only- never by commissions from sales of financial products.

If you’re interested in a sample of a financial plan we would create for a client, please contact us and mention that you’d like a sample financial plan.